Hair Replacement Basics

What is Hair Replacement?, exactly what is says. At Look Natural Hair Loss Center we replace the hair you have lost with the exact density, color, and texture to match up with your existing hair. No surgery is required for this procedure. There are three steps to the process.

First a complimentary consultation, where measurements of your scalp are taken together with small samples of your existing hair.
Next the fee is discussed and the order is placed.
Within 8-10 weeks the replacement hair is ready to be styled in by a professional Hair Loss stylist. You are then ready to resume your life as if losing your hair was nothing but a dream.

Hairloss Procedure Details

Over the past five years non-surgical hair replacement has gained in popularity in the Hair Loss Industry. Look Natural’s Hair Systems are completely undetectable and a full head of natural looking hair can virtually be achieved by anyone.

Book your FREE consultation and we will assess the suitability for a Hair Replacement System. A trained consultant will discuss your balding issues in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss the details.

Our technicians select the closest matched human hair to fit your own naturally grown hair. A template is developed with measurements of the shape and size of you head along with details pertaining to your hair growth i.e. (hair direction growth).

With attention to detail your new hair system is created. This natural process gives you a very accurate looking hairline and crown. Hair by hair the system is built simulating the natural way that hair grows from your head. When the hair system is fitted you can style it anyway you want as it is not intrusive to the existing hair.

With your hair system you can enjoy the way your lived before you lost your hair. Play volley ball, go for a swim, or climb a mountain stress free of the restraints of being bald.

There are many other hair loss treatments out there that promise hair growth. The fact remains that to date nothing yet has been scientifically proven to grow your hair back once your have lost it.

Why am I Balding?

Most hair loss issues are more common in men than women. Hair loss is commonly referred to as “Male Pattern Thinning” or “Androgenetic Alopecia”. Male pattern balding starts around the temples and the upper forehead. Over time the hair will recede right over the back of your scalp, leaving just the existing hair around the sides and the lower part of the back of the head. 50% of men lose a portion of their hair at some stage of their lives.

Hair loss is easily diagnosed by the location in which your hair starts to recede. Hair loss is the gradual shortening of the follicles and with each new hair growth cycle the hairs don’t grow back as long. Over time only the very small hairs will remain. Eventually the small vellus hair follicles die and a thin layer of tissue forms rendering you bald.

Losing your hair is not something uncommon, genetics comes into play. Losing your hair is inherited from your Mother or Father. For example, if your Father has Male Pattern baldness there is a 50% chance you will have it too. Although genetics are a relevant source of determining the potential of hair thinning, it is not totally concrete. If you inherit MPB you won’t really know until you start seeing the effects of thinning hair.

Hair loss can begin as early as eighteen to twenty years old and sufferers can be well on there way by age thirty. Although difficult to determine males can become completely bald within ten to forty years.

Take The First Step

Now that you understand a little more about hair loss, it is important to be pro-active and do something about it. Filling out our online form is the first step. After filling out the form one of our hair replacement experts will get back to you promptly and book you in for a FREE consultation. Our hair loss experts are very sensitive to the emotional effects caused by hair thinning and have a no pressure sales policy. Also, feel free to give us a call 604-298-9226.